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Silverton, Colorado
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Silverton Alpine Marathon & 50k
Aug 27th, 2011
All Proceeds To Benefit Silverton Kids Sports Programs
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                                Silverton Alpine Marathon & 50k
                                 2011 Results
2011 Run Details
General: 31.1 and 26.2 mile loop in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. The course follows the "Alpine Loop" jeep roads past the ghost mining towns of Howardsville, Eureka, Animas Forks and Gladstone. High point is California Pass at 12,930 feet!

Start: 6AM for the 50k runners and 7AM for the Marathon runners. Meet at The Wyman Hotel, Silverton, Colorado at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the race for a trolley ride to the starting lines. The 50k runners will be shuttled to a secondary start line that is located 4.3 miles from The Wyman Hotel. The Marathon runners will start near Silverton Lakes Campground (19th & Cement) at 7 AM.

Marathon Entry Fee: $65 by July 31st: $75 after. Entry available online through

50k Entry Fee: $75 by July 31st; $85 after. Entry available online through (40 runner limit for 50k)

Course: Loop starting/finishing in Silverton for the marathon. Loop starting near Gladstone and finishing in Silverton for the 50k. Follows Alpine Loop mining road counter-clockwise linking historic mining ghost towns, Howardsville, Eureka, Animas Forks & Gladstone. High point is 12,930 ft atop California Pass. Low point is Silverton at 9,318ft. Total vertical gain is 3,800 for the marathon and 4,100 for the 50k.

Weather:Summer temperatures range from high 30’s to low 80’s. Sudden and violent thunderstorms are common, especially above tree-line. DO NOT attempt this race without adequate warm clothing and rain gear.

Aid Stations: 6 aid stations well-supplied (except aid #6) with food, water & sports drink. It is highly recommended that you carry water with you between aid stations.
Start/Finish - Miles  0/4.9 (Marathon/50k)
Aid Station #1 (Howardsville) - Miles 4/8.9 (Marathon/50k)
Aid Station #2 (Eureka) - Miles 8/12.9 (Marathon/50k)
Aid Station #3 (Animas Forks) - Miles 11/15.9 (Marathon/50k)
Aid Station #4 (California Pass) - Miles 16/20.9 (Marathon/50k)
Aid Station #5 (Gladstone) - Miles 20/24.9 (Marathon/50k)
Aid Station #6 (Niagra) - Miles 24 & 28.9 (Marathon/50k) - WATER ONLY!

Cut-Off: The course must be completed within 9 hours for the marathon and 11 hours for the 50k, to receive an official finish. All official finishers will receive an award. Any runner finishing after the cut-off will be given an “unofficial” finish time but will not be eligible for an award.
You must check out of the California Pass aid station by 2:30pm
You must check out of the Gladstone aid station by 4pm

Pre-Race Activities: Runner packet pick-up from 2PM – 7PM, Friday, August 27 at The Wyman Hotel and Inn, 1371 Greene St., Silverton, CO, (970) 387-5372.

Post-Race Activities: A meal and beverages will be provided to all runners at the finish line just outside The Wyman Hotel. Spectators can purchase meals for $12.

Awards: All entrants will receive a technical shirt. Awards will be given to finishers in the marathon if completed in under 9 hours and to the 50k finishers if finished in under 11 hours. Special awards for Men’s/Women’s Overall winners. Awards ceremony around 2PM, Saturday August 28, at The Wyman Hotel.

Refunds: NO REFUNDS or transfers once entry is accepted.

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Marathon | 50K

Course Map

View Silverton Alpine Marathon & 50K in a larger map

50K Start:
Meet at the Wyman Hotel & Inn by 5:15am for a ride on the Trolley to the starting line near Gladstone. Follow the alpine loop road to Memorial Park. Run through the park, across the wooden bridge over Cement Creek and join Reese Street. Continue on Reese and turn left on 14th Street to the aid station at They Wyman Hotel. Continue on 14th Street and turn left on Cement Street. Continue on Cement Street and run a full loop of the marathon course!

Marathon Start:
Meet at the Wyman Hotel & Inn by 6:45am for a ride on the Trolley to the marathon start! Start line is on Cement Street, just East of 19th Street.

Leaving Town:
Follow Cement Street through Silver Lakes campground. Proceed straight on this road until you intersect asphalt road (County Road 2). Turn right on CR 2. . Follow asphalt road for approximately ¾ mile.

Howardsville: (4 miles; +380 feet cumulative climb; overall this section is fairly flat and fast with minimal rocky footing)
At the base of the big asphalt climb, 100 yards after red brick “Powerhouse” on right -side of road, turn right onto narrow bumpy gravel road. DO NOT follow asphalt road up the climb. (**This section differs from years previous). Go straight on rocky gravel road for approximately 2.5 miles to Howardsville aid station. **NOTE: There is one minor stream crossing as part of this new section. You may be able to cross the stream without getting wet feet…or you may not. At this point, you are allowed to go left off course and climb up above the big metal pipe out of which the stream water flows. It is up to each runner to decide how to proceed. Look for the Howardsville aid station before you intersect the big gravel road at mile 4.

Eureka: (7.6 miles; +600 feet cumulative climb; overall this section is flat and fast with smooth gravel footing)
After Howardsville aid station, turn right onto big gravel road (CR 2). Follow main road 3.6 miles to Eureka aid station. Look for aid station on left side of road, shortly after crossing bridge over Animas River before starting big climb.

Animas Forks (11 miles; +1,800 feet cumulative climb; this section is the beginning of the race’s big climb, there are few flat spots)
Proceed straight up on this rocky jeep road. ½ mile before Animas Forks aid station, road forks. Go LEFT!! DO NOT follow road to Engineer and Cinnamon Pass. Look for aid station somewhere in old abandoned town-site of Animas Forks.

California Pass (12,960ft) (16 miles; +3,560 feet cumulative climb; this is the big climb; steep grades near top of climb; watch for sheep in upper valley)
Proceed straight on this even rockier jeep road. Take the right fork at the Placer Gulch intersection. Look for aid station at the very top of California Pass.

Gladstone (19.8 miles; steep rocky downhill section)
After California aid station proceed down rocky gravel road approximately ¾ mile. Take the left fork at Poughkeepsie Gulch intersection. Follow sign that reads “Silverton”. Climb about 400 feet to top of Hurricane Pass (12,400ft). Follow rocky road down steep descent. At Corkscrew Gulch intersection take left fork continuing downhill. Keep going straight down hill to Gladstone aid station. Look for aid station on left side of road about 100 yards after intersection with wide gravel road.

Niagara Gulch (24 miles; smooth gravel road; fastest section)
Proceed straight on wide gravel road (CR 110). Approximately ¾ mile past Silverton Mountain Ski Area (on your left), at base of short steep hill, make an easy right turn onto narrow rocky road, shortly after which will be a very minor (if at all) stream crossing (there is no way to circumnavigate this stream crossing). After following rocky road for 0.9 miles you will be lead back onto main wide gravel road. Follow this road to Niagara Gulch aid station, on right side of road, about 2 miles from finish line.

Last ¾ mile is asphalt road with some shoulder. Run through the grassy field at Memorial Park, cross the wooden bridge over Cement Creek and continue down Reese Street. Turn left at 14th Street and the finish is next to The Wyman Hotel just before Greene Street. Congratulations!
Website by Rodger Wrublik
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